Top 10 Creature Designs

Countdown #343
This week, with thanks to B-Dizzle from the We Watched a Thing podcast, Wayne and Paul have got their spooky Halloween costumes on to countdown the very best creature designs in film!

In what might be the final episode of the show,…

The Scariest Scenes from Non-Horror Films with Rachel and Amy

It’s an all out (almost) Halloween spooktacular as Rachel and Amy discuss some of the scariest scenes from non-horror films! From the terrors of Willy Wonka to the face melting gore of Indiana Jones (and a whole bunch more), get ready as the girls take you on a fear...

The Many Saints of Newark review


This week the guys shakedown a local business owner, set their mistresses up with a beauty parlour and whack the occasional ne’er-do-well, all while trying to agree on whether the HBO Max prequel to The Sopranos is actually any good.

S12E10: Yowie Hunting with Dean Harrison Pt. 2

Yowie Encounter

The Countdown vs Fans on Patrol – Top 10 Fantasy Films

Countdown #341
For the 341st Countdown, the topic was so massive, the guys decided they couldn’t possibly do it justice on their own. So they invited Montago Bradley and Tiffobot from the Fans on Patrol podcast along to put their combined list up aga…

The Recap: Resident Evil, Daredevil Returns & What If…?

This week, join Kade and Troy as they ponder the question What If…? Like, what if that new Marvel series was actually good? Or, what if Charlie Cox’s Daredevil returned to the MCU? OR what if we actually got a decent Resident Evil movie this time, now that Welcome to...

Riders of Justice review

This week the boys are checking out the latest Mads Mikkelsen vehicle, Riders of Justice – a Danish film which has been causing quite the buzz through film discussion groups around the world

This thriller come comedy come action film seemed like the…

Top 10 Last 10: 2021 Fourth Quarter Edition

Countdown #340
The Top 10 Last 10 returns for the final time in 2021, and while these lists are normally balanced between the terrible (ie. films to avoid) and the great (ie. films to seek out), it’s fair to say that this time around, both Paul and W…

Our Favourite Film Scores with Rachel and Amy

This week, Rachel and Amy are back and ready to fangirl over their all-time favourite film scores! From Star Wars to Jurassic Park to Harry Potter (of course) and a whole lot more, strap yourselves in as the girls take you on a musical journey for the ages!What’s YOUR...

S12E9: Yowie Hunting with Dean Harrison Pt. 1

Yowie Encounter

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