192 JCVD vs Steven Seagal / Creed II

This week’s episode comes courtesy of top-level Patron, Cy Wezow, who wanted a focus on two action stars of the late 80s and beyond: Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. So in true Countdown style, Paul and Wayne opted to pit these two contrasting larger-than-life characters against one another to determine, once and for all, who is the superior star/martial artist/all round person.
Of course, regular listeners will know the boys don’t think much of Steven Seagal, with Wayne once publicly proclaiming he could beat the man in a fight. Well, all that comes back into play as the lads sweat over whether they will somehow crown Seagal over JCVD – in direct contrast to the vast bulk of the listener feedback.
Whatever happens, along the way, you can be sure there’s time for an impromptu Seagal Watch as well as much laughter and disbelief at how bad some of these supposedly good films from 20-30 years ago are.
The guys keep the testosterone flowing with a review of the newly released Creed II. Does lightning strike twice for Michael B Jordan and Sly Stallone? Or does it suffer from the common affliction known as Sequelitis?
Find out the answers to all this and more as The Countdown continues …
Time Stamps:
Recount: 3:58 – 7:12
Creed II NON-SPOILER Review: 7:12 – 15:28
Creed II SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 15:28 – 24:09
JCVD Vs Steven Seagal: 24:09 – 1:11:29
Seagal Watch: 1:11:29 – 1:16:26
Pop 10: 1:16:26 – 1:22:39

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