193 Top 10 Violent Films / Overlord

This week on The Countdown, get ready for a bit of blood and gore. No, not between Wayne and Paul, but rather in terms of the episode’s topic: The Top 10 Violent Films. So Paul is in his wheelhouse, Wayne is scarred by rabbits, and both the guys are getting down and dirty with some of their chosen films as well as a review of the new WWII horror film, Overlord.
Time Stamps:
Recount: 5:59 – 11:51
Overlord NON-SPOILER Review: 11:51 – 23:58
Overlord SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 23:58 – 29:43
Top 10 Violent Films: 29:43 – 1:09:40
Pop 10: 1:09:40 – 1:17:15
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