The Countdown vs The Master Debaters – Top 10 Movie Prequel Ideas

The Show vs Show format is back for 2019, as old friend to the show Toffa drags along Sean, his co-host from the Master Debaters podcast, to take on Paul and Wayne with their respective list of the very best movie prequel ideas!

Hollywood take note, as both teams come out firing with some awesome ideas which might reinvigorate a type of film which is typically much-maligned! Find out which team thinks From Dusk Til Dawn is begging for a prequel that doesn’t involve a Hangman’s Daughter, as well as which side believes the origins of a young John Wick need to be explored far more fruitfully …

As always when the Master Debaters grace the show with their presence, this one is a great deal of fun. Please thank Toffa and Sean by checking out their great show over at (Note: the links they mention in the show did not work!)

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