Top 10 Oscar Winning Performances

This week the guys kick off their Oscars coverage with the first of two shows dedicated to the Academy Awards. First cab off the rank is the very best leading performances to win an Academy Award. Female and males are both fair game as Paul and Wayne celebrate those performances which truly blew them away, regardless of whether they liked the film said performances were in. It’s a bit of different episode, as it’s rare the guys focus on acting in films, making for a fun discussion which is mostly civil until Wayne produces a film Paul cannot stomach …

The guys also give their 91st Oscar predictions for seven different categories and put some stakes on it to make things interesting!

And in a segment that is as far away from Oscar winning as is conceivably possible, the boys shine the light back on Steven Seagal and his ludicrous ways in Seagal Watch.

Time Codes:

Seagal Watch: 4:34 – 6:59

91st Academy Award Predictions: 6:59 – 15:50

Top 10 Academy Award Winning Lead Performances: 15:50 – 51:30

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