Top 10 Films That Never Got Made

This week the boys are going speculative on you as they consider all the rumours and stories about films which never hit the theatre screen. Those that sounded good on paper, sequels which people figured would happen after a successful original film, or projects which were so damn intriguing, everybody got a little flustered thinking about them. Except, fate intervened. Be it in the form of a studio that got cold feet, or the rights got disputed, or an actor pulled out, these are the films which never got made!

Paul and Wayne take you on a tour of what might have been, waxing lyrical about their romanticised ideas of what we all missed out on. How many Arnie films will make their lists? And which director has had his hand in screwing up more than one awesome sounding project? Find the answers to these questions and more as The Countdown continues …


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