S14E10: It whispered to me

Paranormal Encounter

Top 10 A24 Films

The old adage of the show must go on has never been more apt for The Countdown as Wayne pushes through COVID to highlight some of the finer indie films of the last decade or so in this celebration of the very best A24 studio films. 
Of course, the guy…

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness review

For the 28th time, the guys have headed out to the cinema – well, 27th, but no-one saw Thor: The Dark World on the big screen, did they? – to see an MCU film. On this occasion, Doctor Strange is back in a sequel and its directed by horror and superhero…

S14E9: The Ox Monster Part 2

Paranormal Encounter

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Ranked!

Countdown #371
This week in celebration of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wayne and Paul set out to achieve the impossible – at least in THIS universe – by giving their definitive* rankings of …

War on Seagal 1: Sniper Special Ops

There is unquestionably too much conflict and violence in this world. And as much as we hate to add to it, we feel we must now take the battle to the podcast’s greatest enemy. No, it is not PG films, or PC Culture, or Forrest Gump, musicals or Blumhous…

S14E8: The Ox Monster Part 1

Panther Encounter

Top 10 Last 10: Give Peace a Chance Edition

Countdown #370

In a mammoth Top 10 Last 10, Paul and Wayne are once again counting down ten of their most recent viewings they’ve yet to talk about on the show, ranking them from worst to best and mini-reviewing each film.

Highlights of this Ep i…

The Northman review

An epic tale of gory revenge from critical darling director, Robert Eggers? This should be an a lock for Paul, but is too heavy on the indie and not big enough on the gory revenge? Meanwhile, how will Wayne feel about having to sit through something ha…

S14E7: Bushfires and Yowies

Yowie Encounter

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