S12E8: Something tried to get into the tent

Yowie Encounter

Top 10 TV Comedy Series Characters

Countdown #339
This week, with thanks to Patron extraordinaire David Powell, the boys are counting down their best ten TV Comedy Characters. It’s Wayne’s wheelhouse, but Paul has come to play, with some quality choices on both sides of the ledger.

The Recap: Hawkeye, Injustice and Italian Chris Pratt!

It’s time for your fortnightly nerd culture recap with Kade and Troy! This episode’s “highlights” include: The Hawkeye trailer that looks like it might be a 90’s rom-com. The Injustice animated movie trailer that lets you know Superman is bad because he has a...

What If …? Eps 1-5 review

Marvel is back with its fourth series of the year on Disney+, the experimental animated show, What If …?

So in honour of the first half of the series having aired, the guys decided:

– What if they reviewed that first half given there was noth…

S12E7: I was stalked by a Dog Man

Dogman Encounter

Top 10 Los Angeles Set Films

Countdown #338

Last time a topic like this came up it was all about New York and that was hard enough. But this time around, when it comes to counting down their favourite films set in a particular city, the guys have challenged themselves further: T…

Disney Spin-Offs We Need NOW with Rachel and Amy

Have you ever found yourself wondering “hey this would make a great spin-off”? Well, Rachel and Amy have but more specifically, they’re thinking about spin-offs from some of their favourite Disney films. Think, a game show starring Mushu from Mulan or, an origin story...

Kate review

No, the guys are not reviewing your friend, Kate. That would be gross and inappropriate.  They’re reviewing the Netflix movie, Kate. (Though if your friend looks like the Kate in this movie, hit Wayne up. He’d like to know how she’s doing.)
Mary Elizabe…

S12E6: The haunted university apartment

Paranormal Encounter

Top 10 Most Anticipated Television Shows

Countdown #337
This week – for their 500th main feed release! – the boys are gazing into their crystal balls and speculating on what new television shows (or their revivals) they hope will be most excellent. From sci-fi through fantasy to multi-camer…

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M. Night Shyamalan is back! But is the Shyamalanassance officially over?   The boys weigh in with...