Obi-Wan Kenobi review

With more plot holes than gopher infested farmland, Disney’s latest foray into the Star Wars universe has been relatively decisive.

Enter Paul & Wayne. One a cynical and harder to please reviewer who wants Kathleen Kennedy and co to step their game …

Top 10 Scenery Chewing Performances

Countdown #378

This week, in a compact episode of the show, Paul and Wayne are pitching their podcast to the back of the theatre as they over-enunciate describing the top 10 scenery chewing performances.
This one is based on an idea from Nick Haski…

Lightyear review

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Or is he?
Pixar are banking $200 million that their space ranger will come out on top, but does this film version of the character that inspired the second lead in the incredible Toy Story series do enough to justif…

Top 10 Funniest Television Shows Ever!

Countdown #377

This week on The Countdown, there’s more of everything listeners have been saying they want!

More of television since the topic is the Top 10 Funniest TV Shows ever!

More of the Growing Pains opener!

More references to last …

Moon Knight review

Here we go again. Another Disney+ Marvel series and most know that Paul in particular has had problems with what has been served up by Kevin Feige and co since Avengers: Infinity War faded from our screens.

So can an obscure Marvel character with D…

The Countdown Vs Movie Reviews in 20 Qs – Top 10 Most Arousing Film Scenes

Countdown #376
The Show Vs Show format is back, as the Movie Reviews in 20 Qs guys – Sam and Matiu – join Wayne and Paul to countdown the Top 10 Most Arousing Film Scenes of all time.

So, dear listener, you have to ask yourself what could be more …

Jurassic World Dominion review

Well, here we are with the latest (and supposedly last) film in the Jurassic saga, in which life – and Hollywood – found a way to reunite the stars of the first trilogy with those of the second. Of course, it always starts that way, but then comes the …

Top 10 Final Shots in Movie History

Countdown #375
Top level Patrons, The Lawlors, came up with this week’s banging topic, and Wayne and Paul are only too happy to countdown the Top 10 Final Shots in Movie History.

Incredibly, the boys spend longest talking about a Stanley Tucci mid…

Top Gun: Maverick review

Wayne has never been more excited emotionally, physically and sexually. Paul, meanwhile, is extremely dubious. Two very different reactions to T to the C and the original ’80s classic, Top Gun, so how will the boys react to Maverick returning to the bi…

Top 10 Criterion Collection Films

Countdown #374
This week, with thanks to top level Patron and all round legendary individual, Étienne Fillion-Sauve, the boys are counting down the best films released as part of the Criterion Collection.

Given the Criterion Collection is known a…

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