Bad Boys For Life review

The first Bad Boys film in 17 years steams into theatres as a January release, and yet Wayne had it as one of his most anticipated films of the year! Doe he come to rue looking forward to Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett saddling up again? Or is it REALLY Bad Boys for LIFE as far as Wayne is concerned?
Oh and just how badly will Paul Negatron all over this film? (That’s right, that word is now a verb too.)
The answers may surprise you, as The Countdown continues …
Time Stamps:

Bad Boys For Life SPOILER-FREE Review: 0:00 – 12:46 (Note: SLIGHT minor character spoilers between 9:09 and 9:28)

Bad Boys For Life SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 12:46 – 18:01

Final Thoughts Including Definite Spoilers: 18:01 – 21:00

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