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Believe: Australian Paranormal & UFO Radio

Have you ever experienced something that can’t be explained? Believe is a podcast where witnesses of the strange and unexplained can share their stories and encounters. Join host Kade Moir for weekly interviews with every day Australians who have witnessed UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Paranormal Experiences and everything in between.

Recent Episodes

S12E1: The UFO Phenomenon with Ross Coulthart

For our season 12 premiere, we welcome award-winning investigative reporter and best-selling author Ross Coulthart to the show to talk about his excellent documentary “The UFO Phenomenon” and what lead him to pen the book “In Plain Sight”.

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S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

For our final episode of season eleven, we welcome Australian Yowie Research members, Gary and Buck to the show to talk about the incredible footage they recently captured. We discuss what got the team into searching and the tactics they have learned a…

S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E9: It was standing in the hallway

In episode nine of season eleven, we welcome Locky to the podcast to share the terrifying encounter he had in his own house. While attending to his newborn daughter, Locky had an encounter with a creature that can only be described as a bug person.


S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E8: It shook our tent

In episode eight of season eleven, we welcome Greg to the podcast to share the harrowing encounter he had with a Yowie on his uncle’s farm in regional New South Wales. While out on a camping trip, Greg and his best friend had their tent shaken by an un…

S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E7: Followed by the unknown

In episode seven of season eleven, we welcome Joel to the podcast to share his experiences with the unknown. From a young age, Joel has had interactions with entities and spirits that continue to this very day.

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S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E6: The lights keep returning

In episode six of season eleven, we welcome Neil to the podcast to share the experiences he is currently having on his farm. Neil has started to notice a large amount of UFO activity over his property. The lights he is seeing in the sky are showing up …

S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E5: She came back to say goodbye

Warning: Coarse language is used in this episode.

In episode five of season eleven, we welcome Josh to the podcast to share the experiences he had growing up. At a young age, Josh suddenly lost his mother and because of a spiritual encounter, he got …

S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E4: Yowies, Dogman & Big Cats

In episode four of season eleven, we welcome David to the podcast to share the incredible encounter that he had with a Yowie. He was out hunting with a friend when he found himself so close to the creature that he could hear it breathing!

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S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E3: It flew right over us

In episode three of season eleven, we welcome Aaron to the podcast to share the incredible UFO encounter he had with his girlfriend. They first encountered strange lights in the sky doing manoeuvres that no man-made craft could be capable of achieving….

S11E10: Australian Yowie Research

S11E2: There was a shadow man over the crib

In episode two of season eleven we welcome Dan to the show to share the encounters he had while living in a family member’s house. He encountered many unexplainable entities while living here, but none terrified him more than when he saw a Shadow Man l…

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