BONUS: Top 10 Horror Films of the 2010s

t’s Halloween, it’s the horror season, and Wayne is not so mysteriously MIA. So to honour the season AND to set up the last part of the year on the show, Paul has recruited Sam from the Movie Reviews in 20 Q’s Podcast to countdown the Top 10 Horror Films of the 2010s!

Sam is a bona fide horror film fan so this is a largely good-natured and agreeable discussion about the very best films that the horror genre has provided to us fans over this last decade. In other words, Paul is pleased to not have to question everything his co-host says, whilst also defending the genre as a whole 😛

Keep an eye out for the best of other genres coming to the main show later in the year and in the meantime please check out Sam and his fantastic show at

Chur! (Is that how you Kiwis use it?)


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