Ford v Ferrari AND Charlie’s Angels reviews

Two reviews for the price of one this week, with Wayne being the canary in the cage in seeing both films, while Paul chose wisely in prioritising Ford v Ferrari.

Does Elizabeth Banks have the right of it in suggesting men won’t watch action films starring women (lol Captain Marvel, Aliens, Salt, Tomb Raider, Underworld etc etc) or is it just a poor sequel/reboot? And who comes away with the chocolates between Matt Damon and Christian Bale when both help Ford take on Ferrari?

Find out as The Countdown continues …


Time Stamps:
Charlie’s Angels SPOILER-FREE Review: 0:00 – 9:00
Ford v Ferrari SPOILER-FREE Review: 9:00 – 18:42
Ford v Ferrari SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 18:42 – 20:58
Final Thoughts including potential spoilers: 20:58 – 22:32


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