Halloween Kills review

In the latest edition of “Wayne Yells at Horror Movies That Paul Has Made Him Watch”, the big twist may be that he’s not alone in his hatred of this particular film …


Yes, it’s time for the boys to go back to Haddonfield where Michael Myers continues his killing spree, not at all deterred by the fact that fire was eating him alive at the end of the last film. But ohh, for that to be the biggest problem in Halloween Kills.
Find out what those other massive problems are, as The Countdown continues …
(Oh and stick around after this bloodbath for a big announcement re the show moving forwards.)
Time Stamps
Halloween Kills NON-SPOILER Review: 0:00 – 13:04
Halloween Kills SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 13:04 – 23:00

Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 23:00 – 24:52


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