Justice League Dark is next for WB Animation


Justice League Dark was supposed to be live action. Helmed by Guillermo del Toro (the great Pan’s Labyrinth, the average Pacific Rim) and featuring a rumored A-list cast including Colin Farrell as Constantine and Ron Pearlman as Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark had the Internet buzzing by the end of 2015 but alas, for now at least, it seems like it isn’t meant to be. Del Toro pulled out due to “scheduling conflicts”, a new director was never announced and the project was shelved. Enter WB animation to the rescue!

According to the British Board of Classifications at least, Justice League Dark seems to be the next animated feature planned by WB and will likely follow the highly anticipated upcoming adaptation of Alan Moore’s brilliant The Killing Joke. They outed the fact that JLD will feature as a teaser at the end of The Killing Joke, a sign that usually means WB has decided on their next project.

Which “spells” (see what I did there) great news for fans of the mystical, magical aspects of the dark side of the DC universe as well as superb characters like JLD headliners John Constantine (hopefully voiced by Matt Ryan), Madame Xanadu, Deadman and Zatanna.