Kate review

No, the guys are not reviewing your friend, Kate. That would be gross and inappropriate.  They’re reviewing the Netflix movie, Kate. (Though if your friend looks like the Kate in this movie, hit Wayne up. He’d like to know how she’s doing.)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in the latest John Wick wannabe, as an assassin who has 24 hours to live and wants to find those responsible. Like, badly. Cue stylish fight scenes, violence, a terrible CGI-fused car chase, and more neon than you’ve seen – even on the streets of Tokyo – and you have yourself a film. But is it any good? Wayne was over the line as soon as MEW walked on screen, but Paul will take more convincing. Shock, horror.

Find out if Kate is worth your time (I know, she’s your friend, of course she is, but are we still playing out that joke?) as The Countdown continues …

Time Stamps

Kate NON-SPOILER review: 0:00 – 8:57

Kate SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 08:57 – 17:33

Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 17:33 – 18:22


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