Locke & Key review

It’s Netflix time on The Countdown this week, as the guys turn their attention away from the woes of February cinema, and hope for something better from the new adaptation of the excellent comic, Locke & Key. This one comes from the loins of Stephen King (ie. his son), so Paul has high hopes, but will they be dashed by the teen drama-ishness of it all? And what will Wayne and his scaredy cat approach to anything remotely dark think? But most importantly, is it worth almost nine hours of your time?

Find out as The Countdown continues …

Time Stamps:
Locke & Key SPOILER-FREE Review : 0:00 – 13:58
Locke & Key SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 13:58 – 21:32
Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 21:32 – 22:24