Moon Knight review

Here we go again. Another Disney+ Marvel series and most know that Paul in particular has had problems with what has been served up by Kevin Feige and co since Avengers: Infinity War faded from our screens.


So can an obscure Marvel character with Dissociative Identity Disorder perk his interest? Or is this another case of Disappointment City for Paul, paving the way for more of his hot takes?
And what about Wayne? He’s the comic book character lover. Can he find enough to get behind? Or has he joined Paul on the “dark side” of the divide? (Sorry, wrong Disney cash cow).
Learn the answers to all these questions and more as The Countdown continues…
Time Stamps
Moon Knight review NON-SPOILER Review: 0:00 – 9:11
Moon Knight review SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 9:11 – 21:59

Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 21:59 – 24:56


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