No Time to Die review

Wayne can barely conceal the swell in his pants for this week’s review. It’s kind of understandable though, as he’s been having to put a lid on it since April of 2020 when the final installment in the Daniel Craig James Bond franchise was originally meant to release. But now, finally, it’s time to die and Wayne is allll over it. Paul, meanwhile, offers a more down to earth, less squealing (more sleepy) fan-person take. So, yes, the inevitable clash of perspectives eventually comes to pass in this review.


Find out just how large that clash is – as well as so much more – as The Countdown continues …
Time Stamps
No Time to Die NON-SPOILER Review: 0:00 – 14:08
No Time to Die SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 14:08 – 22:56

Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 22:56 – 25:12


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