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Chapter 17 – The Man with Two Faces

Harry makes his way into the final room to find Professor Quirrell standing in front of the Mirror of Erised, trying to get the Stone! Join our Discussion Group: Follow us on Facebook: Check out our website:...

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Chapter 16 – Through the Trapdoor

Exam time is complete and our trio are out in the grounds enjoying the sunshine when Harry has an epiphany and runs to Hagrid’s hut to confirm his suspicions. Sure enough, Hagrid has admitted to revealing the secret to a hooded stranger on how to get past Fluffy. This...

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Chapter 15 – The Forbidden Forest

After the night’s activities, Harry, Hermione, Neville and Draco are caught and docked 50 house points each. They’re also landed with detention, which ends up being a nighttime trip into the forbidden forest with Hagrid. Join our Discussion Group:...

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Chapter 14 – Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

Harry, Ron and Hermione discover that Hagrid has recently acquired a dragon egg - which soon hatches. They convince Hagrid to give up Norbert, by giving him to Ron’s brother Charlie. Handing Norbert over goes to plan, but this leaves Harry, Hermione and Neville in a...

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Chapter 13 – Nicolas Flamel

Harry has another Quidditch match coming up, to be refereed by Snape. This worries Harry, Hermione and Ron but the game is over with quite quickly. On his way back to the castle, Harry overhears a strange exchange between Snape and Quirrell. Join our Discussion Group:...

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Chapter 11 – Quidditch

Harry is panicking about his first ever Quidditch match coming up. Hermione lends more than a few helpful hands in this chapter and Snape has a suspicious limp and a strange conversation with Filch that Harry overhears. Join our Discussion Group:

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