Terminator: Dark Fate review

The sixth film in the Terminator universe is upon us and Paul and Wayne are front and centre to determine whether it’s worth your time! Dark Fate is dying at the box office, and the reviews are decidedly mixed, so it may not be a surprise that the lads are a bit split on this one … even if their final scores may not be that far apart.
Has James Cameron returned to restore the franchise to its former glory? Or is this the final ripping of the power core from the carcass of the Terminator films?
Find out as The Countdown continues …
Time Stamps:
Terminator: Dark Fate SPOILER-FREE Review: 0:00 – 13:10
Terminator: Dark Fate SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 13:10 – 20:38
Final Thoughts including potential spoilers: 20:38 – 22:10


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