The Best and Worst of Game of Thrones

This week the guys get down and dirty with Game of Thrones – the worldwide phenomenon which very recently came to an end after 8 seasons and 73 episodes. Fans were very much divided on whether the show ended on satisfying note, so Paul and Wayne have taken it upon themselves to cover the best AND worst of the show, including how it all came to a close
You can be sure Season 8 features heavily in at least one of these lists, as everything from some wide thematic elements of the show through to particular contempt for one of the main Westerosi houses gets explored in detail.
Plus, you know, genital based humour, as The Countdown continues …
Time Stamps:
The Best of Game of Thrones: 6:05 – 34:35
The Worst of Game of Thrones: 34:35 – 1:06:43
Pop 10: 1:06:43 – 1:13:16