The Countdown vs Fans on Patrol – Top 10 Fantasy Films

Countdown #341


For the 341st Countdown, the topic was so massive, the guys decided they couldn’t possibly do it justice on their own. So they invited Montago Bradley and Tiffobot from the Fans on Patrol podcast along to put their combined list up against that which the boys agreed upon in a return of the Show vs Show format!


And that massive topic? Well, it’s only the Top 10 Fantasy Films ever made.
Tune in to hear all about the very best the fantasy genre has to offer, as well as how Montago hates The Princess Bride, whether anyone would pass up Julia Roberts as a human sized fairy, and pick a side of the debate on whether eyeballs in the palms of your hands would allow you to look at your own taint while scratching your balls …
In other words, it’s everything you would expect of The Countdown multiplied by Fans on Patrol.

Check out their great show by way of saying thanks, as The Countdown continues …


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