The demon in Arizona

So, before I start I’d like to let you know growing up I never believed in the supernatural at all.. I actually never thought about it and it never occurred to me that this could happen. So with that said I’ll begin.  When I was 21 I was going to school in Tempe, Az.. I used to sale pot as a side gig for extra money and I met some cool people in the process. I ended up befriending this group of kids that all lived together. After being friends for about 8 months or so I ended up sleeping on there couch for a good 6 months, I moved in basically.

What they failed to mention to me is that they had a demon living with them. They would tell me story’s that when they would eat mushrooms  they would see a ghost sitting around but eh I didn’t believe them. So, naturally living there I friended all the neighbors and they would all tell me they would have a visitor in there apartment too. I Still didn’t believe them cause I still wasn’t convinced. Well finally that day would come with plenty more visits that were not pleasant.

At first it was little things, I would be taking a shower and I would hear someone screaming my name! I would literally hop out the shower and would run out cause I thought someone was hurt or something was happening and to my fucken surprise nobody is there. All the roommates were gone and were gone before I hopped in the tub. So I dismissed it thinking I’m hearing shit. After that it started to get more intense, when I would sleep alone in the living room some nights something would shake me awake and it was repeatedly . I’d fall asleep and it would shake me and jerk me awake. After that I was convinced okay these fuckers are not lying. I told my roommates hey whatever is in this house is finally letting me know its hear and they would just laugh and say I told you.

I noticed my roommates would walk around the house like they didn’t worry and I realized that its because it found a new soul to torture. Every single night I would get these horrific dreams and it would always wake me, some times I’d lay there and I hear a loud gust of wind fly by me and it was loud and I could feel it. I’d wake up with scratches and bruises. It was happening for months. Doors would close and lock when I would try to leave. It got to the point where I had to move out. When I left the house for good I noticed it all stopped. Well, I payed a visit and stayed the night maybe like a good six months later and passed out on the floor and once again the fucker flew by I woke up and saw a huge white mass. It literally was like those dumb ghosts costumes of a sheet over a person. I know it isn’t much but after all the harassment of being tortured by this thing it actually opened up my 3rd eye I guess you would call it.

I’m hella sensitive now to this shit. Towards the end of all the madness I finally found out from one of the other roommates that this couple that were no longer bothered by the demon had been fuckin around with black magic and ouija boards and he told me that they let something out and it had fallowed them from there hometown over in calexico ca. It all kind of made sense to me because to this day I try to talk to them about it and they refuse to. I guess I understand why they wouldn’t tell me much. But hey I got one good thing out of it, I can see what’s around us and I know that these things are real and to not always be a skeptic.

So here’s my story, I know its not much but those were the worst six months of my life. I did do some research and found out that there are demons that are called feeders, basically they feed on your fear. The more your scared the more they torture you…. crazy world we live in thanks for letting me share my story with you