The Lion King review

WARNING! There are SPOILERS throughout this review as it’s the same damn story as the 1994 version!

It’s been awhile since the guys went at one another over a review, and many of you prefer when the argy-bargy is a part of an episode. Well, good news, because this review is for you!

Paul and Wayne clash over the merits (or lack thereof) of Disney’s “live”-action (read: largely CGI) adaptation of their animated classic, The Lion King. ¬†Wayne thinks it is beautiful re-telling of the story with some great expansions, while Paul considers it a soulless cash-grab that runs indeterminably long for no conceivable reason. Can one convince the other they’re wrong? Or will it all end with much Soundboard smashing, many very naughty words being hurled at one another, and frustration galore?

Find out as The Countdown continues …