The WORST 10 Cannon Films

Countdown #363


This week with thanks to top level Patron, Cy Wewzow, the boys are counting down the worst ever films produced (or co-produced) by the Cannon Film Group!


Now Cannon aren’t well renowned for their scrupulous practices or their fantastic films, but they certainly knew how to churn out a film to home video back in the ’80s, and of course, some of them were putrid piles of stinky kitty litter. That’s where Paul and Wayne come in: To expose themselves to the worst of these atrocities and save you, good listener, from having to do the same.
Will Wayne betray his Ninja heritage and denounce several films featuring that most mysterious of martial arts practicing characters? Can Paul overcome the trauma inflicted upon him by recent guest appearances on the Binge Movies podcast covering far too many Cannon films. And will this many terrible films break both co-hosts mentally?

Find out as The Countdown continues …


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