Top 10 Action Movie Stars

Strap on your weapon belts, zip up your combat boots, and get ready with a few quippy one-liners, because this week the boys celebrating the biggest names in the action genre by counting down their favourite action movie stars
Woman or man from any era in film, Paul and Wayne make the tough choices on who deserves a place on this sacred (to them) list. And they start with a bold call, immediately ruling out Arnold Schwarzenegger to throw the lists wide open and challenge each other with their eventual number ones.
Who has Steven Seagal on his list, despite the show’s storied history with the mumbling, self-proclaimed Akido master? Who ranks Jackie Chan lower than Iko Uwais? And whose list is estrogen free?
Find the answers to all these questions – and more (like is Chow Yun Fat an International Action STAR or International Action HERO?) – as The Countdown continues …


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