Top 10 Australian TV Shows

Countdown #320


It’s the topic “they” said couldn’t be done. Find ten quality Australian television shows and try to sell them to a largely unsuspecting and mercifully unaware public. Well, Wayne and Paul are not ones to shy away from a challenge – unless it’s about watching a lot of films, in Wayne’s case, or horror films, or international films, or anything not really involving a superhero or gross-out humour … Come to think of it, this wasn’t a good direction for the show notes, so let’s start again …


Wayne is a bit of a wuss about watching most things, but not about watching late night TV, so learn something new on this week’s show as the boys take you on a tour of (mostly classic) Aussie television and try to convince you there are diamonds hidden in that there rough.

Do either of the boys resort to an Aussie soap? Can Paul find an Aussie horror show to include on his list? And will Wayne include a show on his list purely because it featured nudity during his teenage years?


Learn the answers to all these questions and more as The Countdown continues …


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