Top 10 Box Office Flops of the 2010s (with Jason from Binge Movies)

Countdown #345


This week Jason from the Binge Movies podcast returns to the show to assist in counting down a brief so complex, it was destined to go completely off the rails (and does!): the Top 10 Box Office Flops of the 2010s.


Whether ranking this one by actual box office return, unmet expectations, how terrible the film was, or by some intensely personal combination of the three factors, Paul, Wayne and Jason get into some of the worst received films of the last decade, and no studio or genre is safe!


But rest assured, that even when a guest is present and the topic may not lend itself to inappropriate humour, the boys will never, ever let you down in that regard. in fact, things get so out of control that Jason gets swept along for the ride in the first five minutes, uttering a word so filthy, he’s never said it before on his show.

Find out what that word is – as well as a whole bunch of films you probably don’t need to watch, if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid them so far – as The Countdown continues …


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