Top 10 Films That Would NEVER Get Made Today

Get ready, dear listener, for what might be the most raucous and potentially offensive episode of the show yet! For the first time ever, Wayne has to be bleeped mid-show, and that’s only when the guys are discussing their number nines of the Top10 Films That Would Never Get Made Today!
Trust us, this episode has it ALL as the boys marvel at some of the amazingly offensive films which were not only greenlit, but then allowed to be released once the finished product was observed. (Clearly, most studio executives and the creatives behind these films were coked out of their minds, because, well, most are from the ’80s). Racism, homophobia, and sexism are but the entree of what this Ep has to offer, as Wayne defends some of his choices and Paul squirms audibly
So strap yourselves in tight for a doozy of and Ep as The Countdown continues …