Top 10 G-Rated Films

The NO swearing Ep is back this week as the boys follow up their popular PG-13 show with a countdown of the Top 10 G-Rated Films. You might be surprised what films got away with a G rating (as well as those which somehow were elevated into PG territory), but you won;t be surprised to learn that Wayne and Paul are unable to keep their potty-mouths completely stowed. Which is good, because once again, every time they do mess up, it’s $1 being donated to charity – a charity that the fans of the show will nominate in the Facebook Listener Community!


But that’s not all! The boys expose an error which might the end of the site as we know it!? (That’s hyperbole and clear clickbait. It means nothing of the sort, but it was fun to write.)


Find out what that error is and listen in as the lads have to develop a whole new way of communicating with one another, as The Countdown continues …


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