Top 10 Martial Arts Films

Oh dear. Strap yourself in, dear listener, as the boys cobble together two of the more questionable lists in the show’s history as they talk the Top 10 Martial Arts films. Paul admits from the get-go that this topic is not his specialty, but one might expect more from Wayne with his background of studying martial arts, and the fact that there is a ninja-toe and nun-chucks laying about the studio.
Alas, the answers to who does not have a real Bruce Lee film on their list and who has included a TMNT film may surprise you. But nothing will offend the martial arts film fans out there more than some of the other omissions from BOTH of the lads’ lists.
Find out exactly which martial arts legends are snubbed and then marvel at some of the knowledgeable (and respect-restoring) listener feedback as The Countdown continues …


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