Top 10 Movie Monologues – with B-Dizzle from the We Watched a Thing Podcast

Countdown #368


After 367 countdown, the guys decided it was time for something a little different. So inspired by the idea from this week’s guest, the amazing B-Dizzle from the We Watched a Thing Podcast, they decided to not only do the top 10 monologues ever delivered in a film, but to also sell those monologues by performing them.


As you can no doubt imagine, dear listener, what follows are dodgy accents, questionable “acting” and much laughter. But there is also plenty of heart as Paul, Wayne and B-Dizzle reveal what it was about each monologue that touched them.
At least until Wayne once again bends the brief in the manner than only he can …
Find out whether the guys have an audio-drama podcast in their future, as The Countdown continues!

And please thank Billy for coming on the show by checking out his amazing film review podcast, We Watched a Thing, if you haven’t already.


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