Top 10 Remakes REDUX – with Stew from Stew World Order

Countdown #367


344 episodes ago Wayne and Paul attempted to countdown the top 10 remakes ever made.


Unfortunately, they were so utterly and incontrovertibly wrong, they had to return to this topic to make it right.
But to do so, they had to ensure they were on a better track, and so they invited Stew from the Stew World Order podcast to help them out with the topic.
Except, things then went crazy. How crazy you might ask? Well, Wayne in hindsight opted to censor himself resulting in one of the first “Editor’s Notes” ever included in the show, Stew decided to include a certain sequel in his list, labelling it a remake, and Paul let Wayne claim the 1990 film Flatliners was a remake without freaking out.
You see? Crazy.
So get on board the crazy train … As The Countdown continues.

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