Top 10 Superior Sequels

Sigh. What are the odds that two co-hosts could ever mess up a brief so completely that two EFFECTIVELY different lists end up being made? … Well, if you’re listening to this podcast, those chances are pretty damn high, because for this week’s show, the Top 10 Superior Sequels, Wayne decides sequel means the film following its immediate predecessor, completely ignoring the relevance of all other sequels in a franchise, as Paul, with his higher order executive functioning, was easily able to discern.
So it may not be a level playing field, but Paul & Wayne put their best feet forward in suggesting there are ten (and more!) sequels that outshine the original film in a franchise (or in Wayne’s case the film that preceded it).
Do they nail them all? Can they get through an Episode like this without turning on one another. And who had the bigger blooper at Episode’s end?
Learn the answers to all these questions and more as The Countdown continues …


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