Top 10 Thrillers of the 2010s

2020 is knocking at our door, and to commemorate the occasion, Wayne and Paul begin their month long look back at the decade that was, commencing with their Top 10 Thrillers from that time period.
The lads are surprisingly agreeable as they break down the very best films which had them clenching their buttocks on the edge of their seat, but that does not stop Paul from running rampant with a new addition to the Soundboard. And of course, there are still the usual left field picks from both.
Is Denis Villeneuve the best director in this genre for the decade? How many films can Wayne possibly have on his list starring Ben Affleck? And who tries to shoehorn in films which might be considered more horror than thriller? (Hint: It’s probably not who you’d think).
Learn the answers to all these questions and more, as The Countdown continues …


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