Top 10 Undeservedly Highly-Rated Rotten Tomato Films

Are your feathers all neatly in order? Or, if you prefer, do you have a thick skin when it comes to your taste in film? Because it’s feather-ruffling time on The Countdown! This Ep should surely come with a trigger warning for lovers of popular film as Paul and Wayne call out their ten most hated films with a Rotten Tomato Audience Score of 80% or over.


Sound convoluted? Just you wait! In fact, the challenge this week is two-fold … Not only to figure out how the hell the guys decided to go with such a complicated topic, but also to not shut the Ep off once Wayne makes a base joke about one of your fave films, or Paul disses the same because Patrick Swayze was just too damn old!
Are you up to the challenge? Can you rearrange your feathers adequately?

Find out as The Countdown continues …


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