War on Seagal 1: Sniper Special Ops

There is unquestionably too much conflict and violence in this world. And as much as we hate to add to it, we feel we must now take the battle to the podcast’s greatest enemy. No, it is not PG films, or PC Culture, or Forrest Gump, musicals or Blumhouse. It is not even Billy Dunham of We Watched a Thing fame – though after the way he flogged us in the recent vote, he may yet get there!


No, the greatest enemy of The Countdown: Movie and TV Reviews is indisputably Steven Seagal. An awful human being who has allegedly lied his way through a career in Hollywood and allegedly done terrible things to many women along the way. So, here, now, we declare war on Seagal and will fight this war by taking down one terrible film of his at a time.
We’re starting with Sniper: Special Ops from 2016 – a supposed war film in which Seagal barely gets off his butt through the entire run time. 

Join us as we have too much fun skewering this film and most especially its “star” … as The Countdown continues.


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