What If …? Eps 1-5 review

Marvel is back with its fourth series of the year on Disney+, the experimental animated show, What If …?

So in honour of the first half of the series having aired, the guys decided:

– What if they reviewed that first half given there was nothing worthwhile being released to cinemas for the better part of a month? (Thanks again COVID.)

– What if Wayne enthusiastically chirped on about the animation?

– What is Paul loved the zombies episode?

– What if Wayne loved every episode?

– What is Paul banged on with his criticisms?

– What if all of the above statements were true?

– What if they were not?

– What if this joke had played itself out?

(It had.)


Time Stamps

What If … NON-SPOILER review: 0:00 – 6:01

What If … SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 06:01 – 24:11

Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 24:11 – 24:40

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