What If: The Hosts Were Your Favourite TV Characters

It’s a different episode this week, but it’s one made specially for the long term listeners of the CC Radio podcast network! This week, Rachel and Amy try to figure out which legendary TV characters most closely resemble the hosts from your favourite group of shows including: The Countdown, Fangirling, Believe and of course Comic Confidential! Which of the guys from Friends would Paul and Wayne be? Out of Troy and Kade, who’s more likely to be Barney from How I Met Your Mother? And what about the girls themselves? Which characters from Game of Thrones do they most closely resemble?

Don’t forget to check out the other terrific shows on the CC Radio Network including The Countdown: Movie & TV Reviews Podcast and Believe: Australian Paranormal & UFO Radio! Just search for CC Radio wherever you get your podcasts!

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