Worst 10 Sequels That Derailed The Franchise

Countdown #314


This week the boys get their snark on and do a DEEP dive into some of the very worst sequels of all time. The official title, then, is Worst 10 Films That Derailed The Franchise, but as Wayne insists, unofficially, it’s Worst 10 Sequels That Defecated The Bed.


In other words, the guys get busy naming and shaming the films which stalled, killed, destroyed or at least caused a long pause or a change in direction for a franchise. How many superhero films make the list? Will there be a mention of a certain film Paul doesn’t prefers not to acknowledge the existence of? And is the pronunciation of all punctuation in film titles gag going too far?

Learn the answer to all these questions and more, as The Countdown continues …


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