WORST 10 TV Series Finales

Have you ever been so thoroughly angry, upset or just plain disappointed at the finale of a beloved television series that it retroactively sullied your view of said show? Well Paul and Wayne have and that’s why they’re this week turning their attention to television and counting down the ten WORST series finales of all time! Dramas, comedies, sci-fi shows, and even a couple of prestige efforts, are all named and shamed as the boys get their angry pants on and go to town on shows that many love.
Such is the passion in this topic that good friend of the podcast, B-Dizzle from the We Watched a Thing podcast, leapt to the defence of one such polarising show, recording his thoughts for all to take on board. You can check out B-Dizzle and his cranky off-sider, Topher, at https://www.wewatchedathing.com/
Which show does Wayne have so low that Paul threatens to sing the theme song in a “low” key for the rest of the Ep? What finale is ranked the worst of all time by BOTH hosts? And while we’re here, who can’t pronounce “finale” properly?
Learn the answers to all these questions and more as The Countdown continues …


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